Innovative Ultrafast Laser Solutions

Innovative Ultrafast Laser Solutions

Clark-MXR offers a variety of OPAs so you can select one most suited to your research plans and budget.

NOPA - Non-collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier

NOPATM is a white light continuum-seeded optical parametric amplifier (OPA) capable of generating extremely short, broadly tunable pulses of light in the UV, visible and IR wavelength range. It can be pumped by an ultra-stable Clark-MXR Model CPA-Series Amplified Ti:Sapphire Amplifier.
Key Specifications:
Sub 30 fs pulse widths
>10 μJ pulse energies

We set up the NOPATM, pumped by our CPA-2101 at our facility in Dexter MI, aligned it, and then drove it out to the CLEO show in Anaheim CA. We drove the van directly onto the show floor (with all the dirt and bugs plastered on the grill and windshield), parked it in our 10' x 10' booth, connected it up to the power supply, and had to do only minor tweaking of the beam from the CPA to optimize the performance of the NOPA!

Note that the output beam from the NOPA is being repetitively tuned electronically from deep red to blue and back again throughout the show. At the end of the show, the van was driven back to Dexter MI. The system was again tested and found to be operating. And required only minor tweaking to optimize performance!

Learn about our NOPA-Pal Autocorrelator.

iNOPA - IMPULSE-pumped Non-collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier

The iNOPATM is designed to be pumped by our IMPULSETM fiber laser.
Key Specifications:
Sub 40 fs pulse widths
1 MHz repetition rate
Tuning range from 650 nm to 950 nm
>250 nJ pulse energy
<1% rms for f >2 Hz

TOPAS - Traveling Optical Parametric Amplifier from Light Conversion Ltd.

TOPAS has attracted world-wide interest due to its flexibility, very large tuning range and the possibility of up-scaling to a high power output. Different frequency mixing schemes allow for continuous tuning across the entire accessible wavelength range of 189 nm to 20 μm by simply entering a desired wavelength in a computer.
Key Specifications:
Tuning range from 189 nm to 20 μm
Pulse energy up to 125 μJ
Femtosecond or picosecond operation

TOPAS-C - Continuum seeded Traveling Optical Parametric Amplifier from Light Conversion Ltd.

The TOPAS-C is similar to the TOPAS but uses a white light continuum as a seed source. It is easier to use and is generally recommended over the TOPAS but it does not work with picosecond lasers.
Key Specifications:
Tuning range from 190 nm to 20 μm
Pulse energy up to 125 μJ

Not sure which is the right one? Please to guide you through the selection process.

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