Innovative Ultrafast Laser Solutions

Innovative Ultrafast Laser Solutions

NOPA-PalTM Autocorrelator

Our NOPA-Pal is a dispersion-free autocorrelator designed specifically to characterize NOPA pulses. NOPA-Pal is now also available for measuring sub-50 fs pulses for wavelengths as low as 200 nm!

• Tested for pulse lengths from below 10 fs to above 200 fs1
• Wavelength range: 200 – 1600 nm
• Repetition rate: 100 Hz - 10 kHz or 100 kHz - 2 MHz
• Scan rate / update of fitted pulse length: 2 Hz
• Simple alignment
• Labview program for control and measurement
• Extremely compact design
NOPA-Pal Autocorrelator

1I. Z. Kozma, P. Baum, U. Schmidhammer, S. Lochbrunner, and E. Riedle, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 75, 2323 - 2327 (2004)

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