Innovative Ultrafast Laser Solutions

Innovative Ultrafast Laser Solutions

IMPULSETM "PhaseShifter" Synchronizable High-Average-Power Laser

IMPULSETM “PhaseShifter” is an all-diode-pumped, direct-diode-pumped, Yb-doped fiber oscillator/amplifier system capable of producing variable pulse energies up to 10 μJ with user-selectable repetition rate between 200 kHz1 and 25 MHz. With 20 watts average power output at 2 MHz, IMPULSETM offers more than an order-of-magnitude higher power than has traditionally been available in a one-box ultrashort pulse laser design.

IMPULSETM is based on a revolutionary new concept in mode-locked oscillator/ amplifier technology. The Yb-doped fiber-oscillator/fiber-amplifier design combines low noise performance associated with solid-state operation with high spatial mode quality of fiber lasers.

IMPULSETM is a compact, robust, one-box source of femtosecond to picosecond pulses with the ease-of-operation, stability and reliability you expect from a fiber source. All major parameters are computer controlled, which allows easy interface to workstation or experiment. IMPULSETM is synchronizable to external reference through electronic control of both frequency and phase. It is even iPhone/iPod2 App enabled.

Optional accessories include multi-photon photo-polymerization, waveguide writing, micromachining, harmonic generation, and OPA/NOPA wavelength conversion.

Available with electronic control of frequency and phase
Direct-diode-pumped Yb-fiber oscillator/amplifier design
All-diode pumped, all-solid state construction
>20 Watts Average Power @ 2 MHz repetition rate
Repetition rate variable from 200 kHz to 25 MHz
Complete computer control including iPhone/iPod App
Robust, one-box design
High beam qualityImpulse Synchronizable Femtosecond Picosecond Fiber Laser
Low noise, cw-pumped
High stability and longevity

Ideal for
- Micromachining
- Photopolymerization
- Direct-write waveguides
- High S/N pump/probe
- OPA/NOPA pumping
- X-Ray Synchrotron and other synchronizing applications

Performance Parameters
Repetition rate: User adjustable via embedded computer from 200 kHz to 25 MHz
(in increments of the oscillator repetition rate divided by a whole integer)1
Pulse energy: User adjustable via embedded computer between 100 nJ and 10 μJ
(Example: > 0.8 μJ @ 25 MHz, > 10 μJ @ < 2 MHz)
Average power output: User adjustable via computer up to 20 Watts
Pulse width: User adjustable via computer between < 250 fs and > 8 ps
Transverse mode: TEM00
M2: < 1.2 - 1.5 depending on pulse energy
Variation in pulse energy: < 1% rms
Center Wavelength: 1.03 microns

1Optional pulse picker available to adjust repetition rate in the range of 100 kHz to single shot.
2iPhone and iPod are Trademarks of Apple Inc.

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