Innovative Ultrafast Laser Solutions

Innovative Ultrafast Laser Solutions

Result-Driven Ultrafast Solutions

Clark-MXR is your one-stop source for all your ultrafast needs – from femtosecond and picosecond laser sources – to contract manufacturing services – to complete integrated ultrafast micromachining and spectroscopy systems. We pride ourselves in providing the best value, most innovative, and lowest cost-of-ownership ultrafast products in the industry.

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Industrial Controls in All Our Sources

In 2003 we introduced the first computer-controlled ultrafast laser system. This enabled new features and diagnostics to be designed and integrated into our laser products. The embedded controller is based on the industry-leading real-time operating system QNX RTOS, a well-established real-time version of Unix. The QNX RTOS is a secure, stable, and fault-resilient operating system providing server-class security and communication while allowing multiple simultaneous client connections. Safety is, of course, a primary concern so only one remote client can control the system, while any number can monitor performance. This capability enables remote diagnostics from our home facility in Dexter, MI. The QNX RTOS is used in many industries and several medical devices based on the OS have received FDA approval.

The QNX RTOS implemented in our ultrafast products is backed by years of proven performance in the field. And since the operating system and software are Unix-based, communication can be made to virtually any device independent of third party support or drivers. Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX (Intel only), and Apple iPhone clients are also available.