Innovative Ultrafast Laser Solutions

Innovative Ultrafast Laser Solutions

Thank you for visiting our web site. I hope your visit was motivated by a recommendation from one of the over 250 customers around the world who are using one (or more) of our ultrafast laser systems.
William Clark Ph.D. President and CEO Clark-MXR
My name is Bill Clark and I am the President and CEO of Clark-MXR, Inc. Now in our 24th year of serving the ultrafast laser community, we trace our origins back to the laboratories of Professor Gerard Mourou who is recognized worldwide as the father of the concept of chirped pulse amplification (CPA). And, in honor of the genius of that discovery, we proudly identify our ultrafast systems with the designation Model CPA-Series Ti:Sapphire Amplifier. We are singularly dedicated to the development and advancement of this unique source of light and its application to the needs of the real world.

We attribute our success over these past 24 years to our belief that a successful partnership with you, our customers, is empowered by a small, tightly-knit group of excellent people dedicated to the purpose of serving you, our customers. As a privately held company, our decisions are not driven by the near-term performance of the company's stock, as is often the case with publicly-held entities. This allows us to be more responsive to the long-term needs of our customers. When you deal with us, you work with the people who can make things happen for you – and that includes me.

Our success is achieved only when you are so satisfied with us that you feel justified in recommending us to your associates. And I hope your visit to our web site is the starting point of a partnership that achieves that goal for both of us.

Thank you for including us among the companies you are considering.


William Clark, Ph.D.
President and CEO